We are the best team. We serve the most picky and demanding customers; We promise: website technicians are real life photos,  individual technicians he is more excellent than photos, if there is a fake willing to bear all responsibility. We welcome technicians with excellent appearance and quality to apply. Those who don't meet the requirements, please take a detour. 

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No.378,In beijing,grade:1.6k,97 176 63 from Sichuan sunny comely type
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本人活泼开朗,爱好交朋友,好相处,爱好旅游,摄影,运动,服务用心,按摩手法独特,技术扎实,调情优质动人!希望在这个舞台可以遇到有缘的你!I lively and cheerful, love to make friends, good to get along with, love tourism, photography, sports, service attentively, massage techniques unique, solid technology, flirting high quality moving! Hope in this stage can meet predestined you!
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